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Music booking

We receive many applications to play at Studenterhuset, which we are very happy about. However, the many applications mean that we cannot guarantee a reply to everyone. If you are a band or musician interested in playing at Studenterhuset, please contact us at

There is no need to send a reminder email if you have not received a reply from us. We save all applications and reach out, if and when there is an open spot for you in our concert calendar.

Please note that your application has to include a distinct description of your music and preferably a link to a place where we can stream your music. We do not accept mp3-files or CDs.

Studenterhuset has a capacity for 250 people, however, that does not mean that you can expect 250 people at all our events and concerts. We expect you to consider if your music fits the settings of Studenterhuset or if you need to search for a different venue.



Købmagergade 52
1150 Copenhagen K

At Studenterhuset the social environment is crucial; there are plenty of opportunities to meet up in study groups, hang out with friends and join the activities you want to. We have a bunch of regular activities every week, and our calendar is filled with concerts and events.

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