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Lost & Found

It is always your responsibility to look after your stuff while being a guest in Studenterhuset.

However, after closing the house in the evening, we often find things that have been forgotten around the house. During a year it adds up to hundreds of gloves, scarves, bags and other weird things. We once found a ring mail.

To ensure that lost items make their way back to the right owner – and one of our lovely volunteers doesn’t hand out your lost MacBook to someone else – we have made a lost and found system.

We only process inquiries about lost items via the form on this page.

Be aware that you cannot call or email us regarding lost items. They cannot help you in the café unless you have received an email saying that your lost item is ready to be picked up.

We answer inquiries Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

If we find your lost item, we will contact you. Even if it is not found right away. Sometimes other guests mistakenly take home a different jacket and bring it back when they realise it is not theirs.

We keep items for two months, after that we hand them over to Copenhagen police Lost and Found


    Where did you loose it?* The CaféMain Hall (1th floor)Aquarium (1th floor)I don't know


    Købmagergade 52
    1150 Copenhagen K

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