Lending and lease of rooms

Studenterhuset lends rooms to non-commercial meetings and events relevant to student life in Copenhagen. Events made by—or with particular relevance to—students at the University of Copenhagen have first priority.

If we have excess capacity, we also rent out rooms for lectures or meetings that are not study-related. Write to lokaler@studenterhuset.com to learn more.

We don’t lend out rooms to study groups or interviews, but you are welcome to use our study space. It’s one of Copenhagen’s most popular, so do not expect it to be completely quiet. Booking is not possible.

Our rooms

  • Main Hall (92 m2) – Suitable for: big debates / screenings / big meetings – Max 90 persons on rows or 60 at tables – Video projector – Whiteboard – Microphones can be rented – Promoter must set tables and chairs back and forth
  • Aquarium (41m2) – Suitable for: small debates / screenings / meetings / creative workshops – Max 40 persons at tables – Whiteboard – Video projector
  • Church Wing (42 m2) – Suitable for: Meetings / Social Activities – Max 25 persons at tables – Whiteboard

There is a lift to the floor and access to handicap toilet.


When you lend Studenterhusets premises, you accept the following terms and conditions:

  • You have to prepare the room and clean it up yourself, and this must take place within the time you have booked. Should Studenterhusets have clean up afterwards, you will receive a bill of at least DKK 600.
  • You must buy all beverages in Studenterhusets café, otherwise you will receive a bill of DKK 50 per registered participant. You can bring food, cake and snacks as you like.
  • The premises may only be used for non-commercial activities relevant to student life, and not for parties, sports, dance or anything else that’s noisy.
  • No entrance fee and no decorations without a written agreement with Studenterhuset.
  • If you cancel late, it costs a fee of between DKK 200 and DKK 750.

Read all the conditions here (Highly recommended)


Fill out the form below to request a room. Note that we allocate rooms twice a week, so expect three to four days response time, please.