Studenterhuset’s Laboratory for Social Engagement

We wish to build, inspire and expand a sustainable culture for active social engangement amongst students, which will create value for the society.
We want to strengthen the study environement at the University of Copenhagen and create interdisciplinary collaborations between students.
We want social engagement to be a natural part of university life in Copenhagen.

How do we support social engangement?

We offer the students are space of possibilities where they can test their skills and knowledge in practice. We provide the students with the opportunity to make a difference in society.

We offer students extracurricular skills and a network outside of the university, that they can utilise in their future employment and as active members of society.

The project is situated in the field between the business life, public life – specifically the university and the municipalities, and the civil society through the students themselves. The laboratory’s purpose is to create collaborations and co-creation across and between the three parties.

Where do I find the Laboratory?

The laboratory is physically located at Studenterhuset, and function as an inspiring place to meet and the starting point for giving the participants training and practical experience with developement, leadership and implementation of cross-sector and interdisciplinariy projects.  

Who can participate?

All students are welcome, both as participants in the ongoing projects, that are defined continuously, and with new ideas for potential projects that we can implement together.

We would also like to hear from businesses, public institutions or other prospective partners, who have ideas for the laboratory, or are interested in joining the project.


The project is supported by Tuborgfondet and the University of Copenhagen.


Are you interested in hearing more about the laboratory or do you want to get involved? Contact Project Coordinator Sara Jensen

The Laboratory’s Projects

Student Refugees

Student Refugees is a student-run project that support students with refugee background in applying for university in Denmark – and through their studies once they start studying.

Sustainable City

Sustainable City is a student-run idea and project workshop, where the participants develope green sustainable solutions for life in Copenhagen.

Sustainable Study Life

Sustainable Study Life is an umbrella for several locally anchored, student-run projects at several fields of study.

The purpose of the project is to create a better culture around studying and limit stress among the students.

All projects under the Laboratory for Social Engagement are intended to be sustainable and able to continue outside of the initial project period.

The project runs from June 2017 – April 2019.