Studenterhuset’s Laboratory for Sustainability

In the beginning of 2021, Studenterhuset will open up a new opportunity for you as a student to get involved in sustainability.

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About the Laboratory

With support from the University of Copenhagen, Studenterhuset establishes a “Sustainability Laboratory,”  which supports students in developing and implementing concrete sustainability solutions.

An interdisciplinary sustainability laboratory central at the University of Copenhagen support the University of Copenhagen’s decision to find interdisciplinary solutions to problems found in society, as well as the ambition to involve the students in this. It is an ambition which i.a. The City of Copenhagen shares in the Study City Policy, which was approved in the spring of 2020.

Via the Laboratory, UCPH students are invited to cocreate, initiate and carry out as many sustainability activities as possible on an interdisciplinary basis; both internally at UCPH, but especially in relation to the surrounding community.

The laboratory will focus on very concrete changes, which can be measured in CO2, increased biodiversity, etc., and will support students in problem mapping, solution development and implementation.

We are looking for an intern for the spring semester 2021
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The project is a collaboration between Studenterhuset and University of Copenhagen.


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Head of Laboratory
Ellen-Margrethe Dahl-Gren

Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge

Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge is a development platform for students’ ideas, initiatives and willingness to make changes in relation to sustainability. Through the event, we generate an opportunity for students to present their ideas to decision-makers at the University of Copenhagen, the City of Copenhagen and other represented organizations, who engage in sustainability.

At the Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge, students use approx 24 hours to solve real-life challenges in teams. The challenges focus on sustainability and is owned by a number of private and public organizations. The compact format of 24 hours supports students who want to contribute with sustainable solutions, but who initially do not have the time or energy to gather a project group and be part of a long-term course or project.

There will subsequently be an opportunity for the students to continue working on realizing their ideas – either as a joint project group or in a new constellation. Studenterhuset supports the continued work – either as part of the new Sustainability Laboratory, or by bringing the group on to a relevant Innovation Hub the University of Copenhagen or with a partner.

The challenge should have taken place on the 2nd and 3rd of October 2020, but has been postponed due to COVID-19.

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