Loans of premises – terms

Access to the premises

Upon arrival, please go to the bar for check in. The manager will unlock the room you have booked and check that everything is alright.

The room can’t be locked while it is lent. When leaving, you must check out with the bar manager.

Permitted Activities

Promoter may only use the premises for non-commercial activities relevant to student life in Copenhagen, and not for parties, sports, dance, singing or anything else that is noisy.

If this is violated, the event can be closed without notice. In the case of movie screenings, the sound level must be such that the sound can only be heard slightly outside the room.

Food and drinks

Promoter MUST buy all kinds of beverages in Studenterhusets café, including coffee and tea. If violated, the promoter accepts a fee of DKK 50 per registered person but at least 500 kr.

It’s allowed to bring simple dishes such as pizza, stews, sandwiches or cake. NOTE: It’s not possible to borrow plates or cutlery and there’s no kitchen facilities.

Setup and cleanup

Promoter are responsible for setting up tables and chairs for the event – expect to spend at least 15-20 minutes on this in Main Hall, also after the event. Preparation and cleanup must take place within the booked period.

The room must be left cleaned and tables and chairs must be on their correct places. If the room is not left in proper condition, Studenterhuset will charge a fee of DKK 300 + DKK 300 per man hour initiated.


Entrance may not be charged without prior written agreement with Studenterhuset.

Rights to film and music

When screening movies, playing music or presenting other copyrighted products, it’s the promoters sole responsibility to obtain the necessary permissions and rights, and to make sure that any mandatory fees to right holders are payed.


For reasons of fire safety, the premises must not be decorated without special agreement with Studenterhuset. This applies to any kind of suspensions on walls or ceiling, except posters on existing poster walls.

However, roll-ups may be used without permission. NEVER use gaffa, please. Candles must be placed on dishes that can collect any liquid stearin.


Promoter are liable for damage inflicted on the house or its fixtures during the event. Studenterhuset has no responsibility for property like laptops, cell phones, bags or overcoats belonging to the promoter or guests.

Promoter have the sole responsibility for the safety of all participants including volunteers.


Keep in mind that your booking blocks a room for others. Therefore, in the event of cancellation, it is important that we get a notice as soon as possible.

If you cancel shortly before your event, the following fees will be charged, even if you have borrowed the room for free:

Cancellation fee – Main Hall

  • Less than two weeks in advance: 500 kr.
  • Less than one week in advance: 750 kr.

Cancellation fee – All other rooms

  • Less than 10 days in advance: 200 kr.
  • Less than five days in advance: 400 kr.

VAT included