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Wacken Metal Battle Winners: KATLA + Morpholith

We are proud to present the winners of this years Danish and Icelandic Wacken Metal Battle contests! Crushing riffs, pounding drums and dire vocals guaranteed!

Katla is a trio consisting of the members David, Marc and Rasmus. The band started in 2017 at Copenhell Metal festival, where the contact between the three of them was established.

The motivation for Katla was clear from the beginning; the music had to be slow and easy to listen to, basically music the three would listen to themselves. The focus of Katia has been the heavy riffing which the main composer Marc delivers without compromises and is accompanied by vocal harmonies between the bassist David and drummer Rasmus, whom manifests Katla’s sound with his intense and insisting drumming.

Katla is characterised by heavy doom-metal with a high energy level that draws inspiration from the Scandinavian black- and doom
scene. Leather, Denim and long hair is united in songs about heroes, villains and great dragons.

The Year 2019 is picking up the tempo from last year; the exponential thrust of Katia continues with concerts, a tour, and a focus on writing a new EP ready within 2019/ early 2020. After the release of the self entitled EP “Katla” and the way the reactions have been, Katia have a lust for more, and are now no longer in doubt that they have more to offer than the general doom band.

Formed in late 2016, Morpholith consists of five Icelanders, each of
which has had experience from the local underground music scene. The band’s live debut was in early 2017 and a string of local shows followed. Due to the buzz the band created, inevitably, the local music festivals started taking note.

The cult DIY festival Norðanpaunk invited them to play both 2017 and 2018. The band also played the renowned Eistnaflug festival in 2018 and have played shows locally with bands such as Bell Witch, ZAUM, Blood Incantation and others.

Apart from playing shows, Morpholith also released their first EP in
April 2018. Featuring three songs that clock in at around 30 minutes, the release was applauded for its crushing riffs, groovy drums and impressive, diverse vocals.

Morpholith is close to completing their followup EP, which is set to be released in the summer or fall of 2019.


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