16:00 — 17:30
Studenterhuset, Main Hall
Købmagergade 52

1150 KBH K,
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A Sustainable City? – Info meeting

How can we create a more sustainable city? 
This is the main focus, when we invite you to join us for a information meeting on January 26th 2018.

With some help from dedicated students, we have already formed two main projects, and you can be a part of them…

▪️ Do you want to learn how to plan and run a project from beginning to end?
▪️ Do you want to see your actions turn into something that matters in everyday life?
▪️ Do you want to get theoretical and practical knowledge about project management, collaboration, communication and consulting that you can use in a future job?
▪️ Do you want to work with other students to make Copenhagen more sustainable?

Then this is for you….

The two projects are: 
1) Eco-cups
We will find solutions to the many plastic and paper cups used in cafés, bars and canteens.

2) Sustainable Festival
We will focus on how to make a festival more sustainable from handling waste to create sustainable energy.
We will develop solutions that can be tested at the UCPH Spring Festival in May with the opportunity to grow ideas into other festivals in Copenhagen.

To be part of one of the projects you will have to:
▪️ Be a student
▪️ Be able to be part of the project for at least 6 months
▪️ Be able to speak and write English
▪️ Be able to spend around 10-15 hours a month on the project (flexible).

Join us the 26th of January, get more information and meet the other students, who are involved in the projects.


26 januar
16:00 - 17:30