Lost & Found

Sometimes things are lost at Studenterhuset – some of the things we find and others are just lost.

It is always your own responsibility to look after your things, while you are at Studenterhuset. We always gather the stuff that we find, so fill out the form below, and we will look for your stuff.

We keep lost items for two months – after this period of time we will hand it ind to the Copenhagen lost and found office

Please note that you can’t phone or e-mail us or ask at the bar about lost things. We only handle request via this form!

We will then get back to you both if we have found your lost thing or if we haven’t.

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What did you loose?

Description of the lost item (colour, size etc.)

Where did you loose it?
 Café (ground floor) Main Hall (1st floor) Aquarium (1st floor) don't know

When did you loose it?