Become a Member of Studenterhuset

Studenterhuset is an independent organization supported and funded by Copenhagen University. This means that all students at Copenhagen University are also members of Studenterhuset! There is also a special agreement between the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) and Studenterhuset, so all DIS students get a membership. Your KU or DIS student card doubles as a members card at Studenterhuset.

Member Benefits

As a member of Studenterhuset you get:

  • Discounts on food and drink at the Cafe
  • Discounted entry fees for the house’s concerts and special events
  • The privilege of booking the house’s facilities (meeting rooms, a/v equipment and more) for academic events and meetings

Who can be a member?

Active students from any university, college or other secondary education institution can become members of Studenterhuset.

It costs 125 Kr. for two semesters and 75 kr. for one semester. Memberships can be purchased at the café.

You must present a valid student ID or membership card to take advantage of our discounts at the café and other membership benefits. Remember to carry your card with you and double check that the personal information is correct.

Membership can be revoked by the management at any time if Studenterhuset’s Safety and Drug Policies are broken. A probation can also be issued upon violation of the rules.