Studenterhuset is a house for every student. We want you to feel welcome if you have a disability.

If you’re in a wheelchair it’s no problem getting into Studenterhuset.

With your UCPH-ID card you can take the elevator to the café, the study space and meeting rooms at Studenterhuset’s first floor, where you’ll also find the handicap toilet.

Send the number of your ID-card to kontor@studenterhuset.com, then you’ll recieve a pincode for all the relevant card scanners.

If you’re not a student at UCPH, you can send an e-mail with your personal information to the same adress. Then we’ll make a special access card for you.

You have the ability to enter the house unassisted between 9.00 og 24.00 on weekdays and between 10.00 and 24.00 on the weekends.

If you have other special needs, or there are issues making your access to Studenterhuset complicated, please email kontor@studenterhuset.com. We really appreciate your feedback.

You can download the access instructions for wheelchair users here (in English).