12:00 — 19:00
Studenterhuset, Main Hall
Købmagergade 52

1150 KBH K,
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Sometimes in order to go forward…you must go BACK! For a Back to the future (1-2-3) Marathon.
Starts at 12:00 – Ends at 13:56
Back to the future – 1h 56 minutes
BREAK: 30-mins.
Starts at 14:30 – Ends at 16: 18
Back to the future 2 – 1h 48 minutes
BREAK: 30-mins.
Starts at 16:50 – Ends at 18: 48
Back to the future 3 – 1h 58 minutes
And as always, SH will provide you with popcorn and good vibes, so make sure to come early and get a good spot for the Back to the future marathon.
About the movies:
It is the year 1985 and the American teenager Marty McFly, living in a small-town in California, meets an eccentric scientist Doc Brown. One day Doc unveils to Marty a time machine made out of a DeLorean sport car that can travel through time. One day Marty accidentally activates the time machine, sending him back to the year 1955. Will he ever get back to ’85 without damaging his own future?
In the second movie, and as we already know, there are still no flying hover boards.It was up to Marty to take the time-traveling machine back to the future in the year 2015 to straighten out the destiny of the McFly family.
The last part of the trilogy is again an adventure which sends Marty McFly on a rescue mission to the year 1885, where he must save Doc Brown from certain death once again.


May 27, 2018
12:00 - 19:00
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