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CPH JAZZ: Vulture Forest

Danish guitarist Kristoffer Vejslev is studying at the conservatory in Amsterdam. Here he has formed the group Vulture Forest together with South African James McClure on trumpet, Slovenian Luka Becic on bass and Swedish Love Ekenberg on drums. It is not just the crew that has an international cut. The music also has an international character. It is fluid, modal and ambient jazz. Filmic jazz, where the musicians’ egos step down and instead merge into a collective whole. For example, if you well liked Jakob Bro or Jakob Sørensen you have ended up in the right place.

Vulture Forest delves in the borderlands between the blissful and the melancholic, the calm and the anxious. This is echoed in their self-titled song, Vulture Forest – an ode to the forest, yet also a reference to the inescapable busy life of our century.
It consists of a meditative guitar melody contrasted by an aggressive accompaniment from the trumpet, drums and bass. The tune Flere Lysår Væk expresses a similar wish for inner calm but here the musicians all blend together in a dreamlike, almost naive environment. Vulture Forest strives to create truly honest music using a trusted bond created amongst the musicians that permits spontaneity, playfulness and gives each musician plenty of space to express their ideas….

Line up:

  • Kristoffer Vejslev – guitar/compositions
  • James McClure – trumpet
  • Luka Benčič – double bass
  • Love Ekenberg – drums


July 13
13:00 - 14:00