Community Kitchen


NB! due to covid-19 we are not able to host community kitchen until further notice.

Community Kitchen is our student-run kitchen, who serve a nice meal for all students every Wednesday.

In the community kitchen volunteers cook delicious food and serve dinner in the café for 70+ hungry students from all of Copenhagen.
Every Wednesday from 16.00-21.00 you can meet up with other volunteers and one of our head chefs, and have fun cooking and making sure that the dinner guests have a great experience and a warm, hearthy home-cooked meal.

Get inspiration to new dishes, new friends who share your passion for food, and make life easier for students who does not want to cook themselves.

You must be a student and take a minimum of 3 – 5 hour shifts a month. Which is why we recommend that you are also part of our bar-group, so you can divide the shifts between the kitchen and the bar.

As a volunteer at Studenterhuset you get a lot of awesome benefits like free coffee, discount in the bar and free access to all of Studenterhusets concerts.

If you want to join, fill in this form, and write in the comment field that you are interested in the community kitchen.