Film Club

Are you a fan of spending lazy Sundays watching awesome movies and eating hot popcorn, or do you simply just love films and binge-watching TV-shows?
No matter what you’re into, if you’re a movie buff, there’s a spot for you in our volunteer-run Film Club.

As a volunteer in the Film Club, you will participate in planning the program for the semester, write promotion texts and execute Film Club events. You will be part of a group of amazing fellow film-enthusiasts, as well as a part of Studenterhuset’s big volunteer group, which ensures heaps of fun, volunteer advantages, social events, and new friends.

There is always room for new ideas in the Film Club, not only when planning the general program for the semester, but also during the semester, if you suddenly have an idea for a more spontaneous, smaller or niche event. What’s important is that you wish to contribute with ideas, are prepared to do your part, and want to share your enthusiasm for films with others.

Send an e-mail to: if you want to join the Film Club.