Volunteer with us

Studenterhuset would not be the as cool a place without our many volunteers!

We usually are 200+ volunteers from about 40 nationalities here. Through the different activities, we all strive to make Copenhagen a great city for students.

Do you want to be a part of our volunteer family? You can participate by joining one of our groups below, or by proposing a new idea that makes UCPH or Copenhagen better.

We can’t wait to hear from you…

Become a volunteer

Sustainability - Actory

Join Actory and create sustainable projects that make a concrete difference in society.

Repair Café

Can you help us fix broken stuff?

Bar & Café

Do you want to be an awesome barrista and a great bartender?

Language Café

Become a Language host in our Language café and teach other people your language!


Do you take the best shots?

UCPH Festival

Be a part of the huge UCPH Festival!

Community Kitchen

Become a part of Studenterhuset’s Community Kitchen and make delicious food for other students!

Activity Group

Create great events for the students of Copenhagen.

Your idea!

If you can come up with great stuff – then we can help you make it happen!

Write an email to volunteer@studenterhuset.com 


Volunteer in our Swapping Station at City Campus