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2nd-3rd October 2020


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The administration of culture- and leisure is responsible for the administration of culture and leisure activities in the city of Copenhagen. Our main objective is to cooperate with Copenhageners to create a city that flourishes and develops in a sustainable manner. 

Copenhagen Visitor Service is the official tourist information center and is managed by the Culture and leisure administration. Every year 450.000 guests visit the center. At Copenhagen Visitor Service our goal is to make information easily available for the visitors and our strategy is to encourage visitors to make sustainable choices during their visit to Copenhagen.

The administration of culture- and leisure is setting the challenges for Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge in collaboraton with several partners within the area of tourism.

The University of Copenhagen was founded in 1479 by the Danish king Christian 1, and today has approx. 38,000 students and 9,000 employees – of whom some 5,000 are researchers.

The University of Copenhagen is part of Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge to support student’s engagement in sustainability.

Sustainability is prioritized in the University’s strategic plan, Strategy 2023, which focuses on collaboration and social commitment both nationally and globally to address major societal challenges, including those relating to climate and the environment.

Studenterhuset is the students’ study environment organization at the University of Copenhagen. Located central in Copenhagen – right next to Rundetårn.

We are working to create a positive university city with well-being and community. We do this through debates and lectures, social and cultural activities, study places, café, events, and concerts for all students.

We engage students in volunteering in the field of sustainability, social affairs and the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Our project Sustainable City support students who experience a challenge in the city in relation to sustainability and together we build projects with the purpose of solving the challenge.

Steel House Copenhagen. A luxury hostel in the heart of it all. Feel the urban vibe and meet people from all corners of the globe at Copenhagen’s new gathering point. The setting is Industrial New York with rooms rooted in raw elements, soft textures and rustic interiors – a home-away-from-home.

Steel House is donating a price for one of the winning teams at Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge.

CAST partners bring together extensive experience in working with creative and tourism enterprises across Europe and stimulating their creation, growth and internationalisation.

CAST aims to provide incubation & acceleration support to sustainable tourism start-ups and SMEs to grow and scale.

We will help them generate new products, services and business models, facilitate access to finance and new markets, while also helping them build new skills and resilience.

Creative Business Network empowers startups in the creative industries, connects them to investors, governments and global markets, and strengthens their innovative capabilities for the benefit of industry and society. Creative Business Network brings together investors, change makers, thought leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world to create solutions to tackle global challenges.

With more than 75 partners worldwide, Creative Business Network forms a global network that works with some of the world’s most promising talents in the startup ecosystem. It is a platform where entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas, engage with industry leaders, exchange knowledge and share visions on a global stage.

Danish Cycling Tourism is a non-profit association of public and private partners. Our main purpose is to develop cycling tourism in Denmark. We fulfil our purpose by kick-starting new projects, coordinating various actions and disseminate knowledge and best practices on cycling tourism.

Danish Cycling Tourism has great experience in managing large and small scale cycling tourism projects. We have executed both national and international projects, and projects with various scopes. We have great knowledge of all aspects of cycling tourism development – from infrastructure and service development to development of information tools, PR and campaigns.

Danish Cycling Tourism will contribute to the case with their expert knowledge in sustainable tourism.

GoGreen Denmark dreams of a society where consideration for people and the environment is an integral part of the companies’ DNA. A green market where the sustainable companies are chosen first, because we as conscious consumers want to make sustainable choices in everyday life.

Their ambition is to make it easy to be a sustainable consumer. This means, among other things, that it must be easy for you to see which brands, products and companies you can trade with if you want to take responsibility for your purchases.

In this way, we build a bridge between companies and consumers and support the companies that take responsibility for people and the environment.

Green Key is the tourism industry’s international environmental certification. The certification is awarded to tourism organizations, that are taking the extra step towards protecting the environment as an integral part of their day-to-day business.

Green Key started in Denmark and has through the years been awarded to more than 3000 organizations across 65 countries. Green Key is an independent certification organization with a jury consisting of members from HORESTA and the Outdoor Council while the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark participates to observe the proceedings.

A Green Key certified organization has to live up to many concrete and relevant environmental standards and procedures that are validated through a vast auditing process and continuous monitoring.

HORESTA is one of the oldest membership organizations in Denmark. HORESTA offers its members a vast amount of services to secure its members the best possible opportunities to flourish in the fast-changing world they are present in. HORESTA works towards securing political influence as well as accommodating the interests of the tourism and leisure industries. HORESTA has almost 2000 members and represents some of the most important sectors of growth within the Danish economy.

HORESTA’s Employer Association takes care of the labor law related interests of its members. The vision is to bring together the entire tourism, service – and leisure industries in the House of Tourism, where the actors of the industries, public and private, come together and create knowledge, synergy and innovation.

Motes is a travel-tech startup who works with location based storrytelling, they have build the platform that powers for example Know Your Bro

Know Your Bro is a series of selfguided walking tours around Copenhagen. It is used to distribute travellers more effectively while showing them all the hidden stories of our great city. All the tours consist of points on a map, these are conseptualized as `motes´.

A mote is a story bound to a specific place. In order to unlock it you have to be close, making our experiences gamified and fun to use.

Motes will be joining Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge as a mentor – ready to support your team during the challenge.

Rødder is a company that is passionate about food. They make dinners, food events and offer catering. In addition, they work to spread the knowledge of local and passionate producers.

Taste, sustainability, local ingredients, ecology, and biodynamics are the core values ​​when they bring good people together at long tables for social dining experiences in an informal and relaxed setting.

The same principle applies to their organic catering, where they deliver food and wine for everyday life and parties. Their food is always 90-100% organic and made from the best local ingredients in season.

Sinatur Hotel & Conference consists of six unique hotels located in fabulous surroundings by the water or at the edge of the forest.

Organic and locally produced ingredients are a big part of our DNA and gastronomic profile. Every day, all year round, we focus on increasing the share of local and organic ingredients in the gastronomic experiences we serve for our guests.

We do our very best to protect the beautiful nature and care for our surroundings. We use green energy, sort our waste and recycle as much as possible. And we are very proud of being the first B Corp certified hotel chain in the North.

Wonderful Copenhagen is the official tourism organisation of the Capital Region of Denmark, working to promote and develop both business and leisure tourism. The aim of Wonderful Copenhagen is to drive tourism development in a sustainable direction. Working together with hundreds of public and private partners, the organisation’s key focus areas are attracting new congresses, meetings, events, cruise visitors and airline routes; as well as promoting Copenhagen; and developing city tourism, cultural tourism, new markets and knowledge.

Founded in 1992, Wonderful Copenhagen is a foundation led by a Board of directors. It is funded by a mix of contributions from private businesses, organisations, and public institutions, including the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs.