Become an international mentor

Help international students get the best start at the University of Copenhagen.

Would you like to help international students settle in, participate in social events, have fun, learn a lot and practice intercultural and language skills?

Every semester, the faculties of UCPH welcome hundreds of international students. Not only do these students face the challenges of entering a new university, they also face the challenges of dealing with a new culture and society.

The mentor programmes of UCPH are volunteer-based student support programmes designed to provide assistance to incoming international students in order to make them feel welcome and safe when they first arrive in Copenhagen. It is also a great opportunity to get an international network and new skills.

As a mentor, you will join the mentor progamme at your faculty, as well as being invited for education days and social events with students from all of UCPH. If you sign up below, your mentor programme will contact you and e.g. make sure that you are invited, next time they have an information meeting about becoming a mentor.


Mentor resources


Oct. 2017

Updated info on how to get a CPR-number

Please be aware that the application for a CPR number has radically changed.

Now there is an online component that must be filled out before they can get the required in-person appointment.

There are different processes to get registered with the Danish authorities depending upon the mentees citizenship, which can be divided up into 3 categories:

  1. Nordic citizens
  2. EU/EEA/Swiss citizens
  3. Non- EU/EEA/Swiss citizens

Read more here

As well as the activities that are planned by the faculty mentor programmes, you will get:

Mentor Education Day every semester

Mentor Seminar, January 18th 2018

Did you join us for the Mentor Seminar? Here are the slides that Nivedita Eskesen presented at her lecture. Download them here


As a semester kickoff, you are invited to a day course in August/January for all UCPH mentors.

The course concentrates on cross cultural skills and useful knowledge. Lectures are held by experts and gives you valuable skills both as a mentor and for your later career. If you participate, you receive a UCPH diploma for the course.

Social events for mentors and mentees

smallAs part of your faculty mentor programme, you are part of planning events for your new mentees.

Every semester, we also arrange a big Welcome to CPH party at Studenterhuset, as well as several social events for mentors and mentees.

Discounts at Studenterhuset

Since you volunteer to make UCPH a better place, your friendly neighbourhood nonprofit Studenterhuset offers a special mentor discount.

You can join students from all of UCPH for activities, debates or concerts and enjoy a soda or beer at low cost.

SH mentor

Mentor Wiki


If you need a poster to promote your mentor activites, then you can download a template and a guide of how to use it right here:

Bliv mentor Plakat A3 DK

Bliv mentor Plakat A3 ENG

Download A3 poster DK template here

Download guide DK here

Download A3 poster ENG template here

Download guide ENG here

Event materials

If you need some inspiration on how to create events, then you can find useful information in this event manual. You can also use these templates for planning and evaluation.

Event Manual