21:00 — 23:00
Studenterhuset, Caféen
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Spanish ROCK! Mala Costumbre + Catch A Monst3r

Straight from Madrid: CATCH A MONST3R! Mixing Spain and Denmark: MALA COSTUMBRE!


*** CATCH A MONST3R is a Spanish rock band formed in Madrid in 2010 by Kike Romero (vocals and bass), Arkadio Barrado (guitar and vocals), Roberto Ruiz (guitar) and Roberto Aracil (Drums).

After playing live with own songs and covers, they have developed a new proposal for 2017: Their CD “CATCH A MONST3R”, with a handful of songs that reflect their talented and eclectic creative spirit so much that they have coined a syle called “Monster Rock”, reminiscent of primitive rock.

*** Mala Costumbre, “MALA”, has in the recent years established itself as one of the leading rock bands in the underground world, conquering the hearts of hundreds of followers and every single venue they have taken over with their music, passion, stage performance, professionalism and human contact that involves this Rock band.

Since their start in the early 2000, the band quickly sent a wave of fresh & energetic type of rock, with a unique and personal sound heavily brushed by the stage presence and uniqueness of it’s Spanish lead singer Eduardo “Eddie” Tor-Del-Spar. After the release of their first album and countless tours around southern Europe and part of Latin America, the band set focus on spreading its touch to the English market and the production of new material.

On their latest album “No loose ends”, the band has found a contemporary and edgy sound and shown an incredible adaptability to the unstoppable evolution of contemporary rock music with melodies & hook lines that one will inevitably remember long after a first listen to the works of this ambitious ensemble.

Mala covers now a broad spectrum of followers in both languages with a continuous creative pattern, new material releases & Live performances. A cutting expression of a restless soul with a rough, forged and heavily scarred heart of Rock & Roll!

NB! This concert is presented thanks to the support of the Spanish Embassy in Denmark.


18, maj 2017
21:00 - 23:00
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