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Meet & Eat + Film Club: Pan’s Labyrinth

We’re back with a Meet & Eat + Film Club! And this time you get to see the amazing Pan’s Labyrinth – and of course eat a nice meal before the film starts.

As usual: A ticket is 25 kr, and they will be up for sale from Thursday March 16th in the bar at Studenterhuset. Students only, so remember to bring your student-ID.

Dinner is served at 19.00 and the film starts at 19.30.

About the film:
Pan’s Labyrinth is seen as one of Guillermo del Toro’s most finest works, blending political allegory with the gothic fantasy style that makes this movie look so beautiful.

Set in Fascist Spain during 1944, the movie follows the young Ofelia as she navigates to and from the fantastical land of strange beasts and the reality of an irreconcilably divided nation.

As Ofelia moves into the new home of her Fascist stepfather, she stumbles upon an ancient labyrinth home to a Faun that believes Ofelia to be the reincarnation of a fairy tale princess from aeons ago.
Providing her with three tasks and the promise of immortality upon completion, Ofelia sets off to aid the Faun but along the way has to deal with her mother’s declining health and the political espionage between the imposing fascist military and local republican rebels who seek to thwart the Franco supporters control.

As the conflict increases, both worlds seem to bleed into each other and it is up to Ofelia to look after herself.


22, marts 2017
18:30 - 22:00
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