Help refugees access university!

Student Refugees is a project initiated and driven by students, who helps refugees applying to Danish universities – and support them after they have been accepted.

Why Student Refugees?

The process for refugees to access higher education can be rather complicated. When arriving to Denmark, refugees, who wish to start at university, often do not carry their official academic documentation. Many of them need an assessment of their qualifications before applying to a Danish university.

Our knowledge about refugees’ education in Denmark is limited, but what we do know is that in 2015:

  • 207 Syrians got their foreign degree recognized to 1-4 years of a Danish university degree.
  • Of the 207 only 41 applied for a university
  • 21 was accepted

The numbers for other nationalities are more uncertain, but probably similar.

The fact that 90% of the refugees do not finish their university degree is a great loss of competencies, it can limit the opportunity for integration and for contributing to society.

We are looking for volunteers to join the project!

We are currently looking for volunteers, who want to support refugees, who are applying for universities in Denmark by helping them with their application or how to navigate through the application and education system. Your contact with the refugees will be through:

  • An ”application café” where you and other volunteers meet up with refugees.
  • Contact to refugees on e-mail

You are:

  • A student or employee at a university.
  • A person who speaks and writes English fluently
  • Able to volunteer about 20 hours pr. month in a period of at least 9 month from September 2017.
  • Able to participate in an introductory course 9th of September

You do not need any special knowledge about the education system or the application process. We will give you the information you need.

What you get:

  • Get the opportunity to help refugees get a Danish education and better conditions in Denmark
  • Training and network with other volunteers.
  • You will be part of Studenterhuset’s Volunteers, which offers you a series of social and academic events.

We look forward to receiving your application by 1st of August.

Fill out the form below to sign up:

Do you have any questions or would like to know more about the project, contact Project Coordinator Ellen-Margrethe Dahl-Gren at

“Student Refugees” is a part of Studenterhusets Laboratorium for Samfundsengagement, funded by Tuborgfondet and the University of Copenhagen.

“Student Refugees” is developed in collaboration with Danske Studerendes Fællesråd and Social Science Across Borders. 

The project is also funded by the European Students’ Union.


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