Music booking requests

We get a lot of booking requests from people, who want to play here – and that is really great! But due to the many booking requests we cannot guarantee an answer to all of you.

Please use this booking form if you want to contact us. 

If you don’t get an answer from us, then don’t write us an e-mail. We save all booking requests, and we will contact you if and when we get an open spot for you.

Please note that your request must have an accurate description of your music and preferredly a link to a website, where we can listen to it too. We don’t accept mp3 files or CDs.

We have room for 400 persons at Studenterhuset, but you don’t necessarily need 400 guests to show up. However, we need you to consider whether your music fits into a venue like ours or if you should find a smaller one instead.

Download tech rider here

Please conplete this form. Thank you

Artist name

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Phone numberr

E-mail (skal udfyldes)

Link to music and PR (Soundcloud, Facebook etc.)

Period you wish to perform


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