Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I become a member of Studenterhuset?

A: If you are a student at The University of Copenhagen, you are automatically a member of Studeterhuset. Your student ID functions as a membership card.

If you’re studying at another institution of higher learning, you can buy a membership for 100 dkk for two semesters and 75 pr. semester.

Q: What are the membership benefits?

A: You get a discount on drinks and snacks in the Café, and you’ll often get free or cheaper entrance to the events at Studenterhuset.

All prices in the Café is sorted after prices for members / prices for non-members.

Q: When is the Café open?

A: The café is open:

Monday            09 – 24
Tuesday            09 – 24
Wednesday      09 – 24
Thursday            09 – 01
Friday                09 – 03
Saturday           10 – 02
Sunday              10 – 22

Q: Can I reserve a table at Studenterhuset?

A: No, we don’t use that.

Instead, we have lots of tables, so if you arrive ahead of the scheduled time, you should be able to find a table.

Q: How many people can Studenterhuset hold?

A: We are allowed to have 350 persons in the café.

Q: Who are welcome at Studenterhuset?

A: Studenterhuset is open for everyone during the daytime, but after 22:00 you have to be over 18. We only serve alcohol to guests over 18.

Q: Can I bring my own food or beverages?

A: You are welcome to bring a packed lunch, but you have to buy all beverages in the café. You are NOT allowed to bring in your own drinks.

Q: Do you have rooms for studying and reading?

A: You can always sit upstairs if you need a place to study. We do however have limited space, so be there early.

Q: Is there free WIFI at Studenterhuset?

A: Yes. You can get the password for the WiFi at the bar or find it on the posters on the walls. We also have eduroam.

Q: Where are the toilets?

A: Toilets are in the basement. Follow the stairs to the right of the bar. The disabled toilet is at the 1st floor and has elevator access.

Q: Can I smoke at Studenterhuset?

A: Smoking indoors is not permitted anywhere in Studenterhuset. This also includes e-cigarettes. All smoking has to be done outdoors. It is strictly forbidden to do drugs in Studenterhuset, and besides being reported to the police, it will also result in the offender being banned permanently from the house.

Q: Can I lend a room for an event at Studenterhuset?

A: As a member of Studenterhuset it is normally possible for you to lend a room for an event. You can request to borrow a room here

We do not lend out rooms to parties or other social activities.

Q: When do you have live concerts?

A: In Studenterhusets concert calendar, you will be able to see all out concerts. As a rule, there is always live music from the Café stage every Thursday at Studenterhuset Live.

Q: Where can I buy tickets for your events and concerts?

A: If we have an entry fee on an event, you pay at the door. In the rare occurrence of presale for an event, it will be advertised very clearly on our website.

Q: When is the flea market?

A: First Sunday in every month is always flea market day. The entrance is free, and students can book a booth for 150 dkk. Read more here

Q: Who can participate in Studenterhuset’s activities?

A: Basically everyone are welcome to participate in the event you can see in the calendar – if the activity is restricted to a certain group of people, it will be clear in the description.

It varies if there’s an entry fee for the activities, if there is, it will be mentioned in the description of the activity in the calendar.

Q: Who can I contact if I have an idea for a debate, an event, etc.?

A: We are always thrilled to hear about new ideas for activities and events, feel free to contact

Q: Does Studenterhuset primarily organize events for international students?

A: Studenterhuset offers a diverse array of activities for students. As a result, there’s both something for the Danish and the international students in Copenhagen. As a rule, there is not something that’s specifically reserved for one group or another, and we strive to create activities, where Danish and international students meet each other.

Q: I would like to become a volunteer at Studenterhuset?

A: We are always happy for students who want to join the house as volunteers. We offer a wide variety of opportunities for participating in the volunteer groups, read more about it here

Q: How do I apply for a job at Studenterhuset?

A: We receive many unsolicited applications, and do not have the capacity to answer all of them. We only accept unsolicited applications at the email address, where you’ll automatically get a receipt when you send your application.

In general we post all our open jobs here