Flea market

Studenterhuset is the center for a recurring event that will give everybody the opportunity to buy vintage clothes, hardly used furniture, and other cool stuff – all for very little money.

>> The flea market is on Summer break. We are back on Sunday September 3rd<<

Stands for the flea market are up for sale on WEDNESDAY AUGUST 9th at 11.00 in our webshop

The flea market is a great  success with lots of stands in the caffé and on the first floor.

The stalls are all helt by students participating in the hope to get rid of their old fleas.

As you say somebody’s used clothes is others gold!

Do you want a stand?

It is possible to buy stands in our webshop!

There is room for everybody, but you have to be a student to get a stand. A stand is  1 m x 1.5 m.

The prices are:

Stands in area A:  225 kr.

Stands in area B: 205 kr.

Stands in area C: 185 kr.

Stands in area D: 185 kr.

Stands in area E: 150 kr.

Stands in area F: 125 kr.