Volunteer with us

Studenterhuset would not be the as cool a place without our many volunteers!

We usually are 200+ volunteers from about 40 nationalities here. Through the different activities, we all strive to make Copenhagen a great city for students.

Do you want to be a part of our volunteer family? You can participate by joining one of our groups below, or by proposing a new idea that makes UCPH or Copenhagen better.

We can’t wait to hear from you…

Become a volunteer

Meet & Eat

Become a part of Studenterhuset’s Communal Kitchen and make delicious food for other students!

Bar & Café

Do you want to be an awesome barrista and a great bartender?

The Event Group

Create theme parties and other events!

Film Club

Create cool Film events!


Do you take the best shots?

UCPH Spring Festival

Be a part of the huge UCPH Spring Festival!
Din ide

Your idea!

If you can come up with great stuff – then we can help you make it happen!

Write an email to event@studenterhuset.com